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Target Practice
the ultimate "shot and position" training tool


Target Practice (TP) is an exciting new add-on feature for the ICA Training System (ICATS) and provides the ultimate training tool for shot making and transition play!  Driven by a database of Cue Ball, Object Ball, Pocket and Target positions, virtually every shot on the table is comprehended and can be selected through filtering, giving you the amazing ability to dial-in the exact type of shots you need!

The concept is simple, from the given cue ball position, you must make the object ball and land the cue ball on one of 9 target positions for that shot.  Some leaves are easy, and some are very difficult!  

While the concept is simple, the combination of cue ball, object ball, pocket and target positions provides over 1800 shots.  The real power of Target Practice is the ability to filter the database on a variety of parameters, allowing fine-grained selection of desired shots!  To see the full capability of TP, click HERE.

Base Layouts

Over 1800 Base Layouts are the foundation of TP and can be filtered on CB to OB distance, OB to pocket distance, Cut Angle and Pocket.

Pool Table Shot Layout
Solution Layouts

ICA has created “solutions” to most every Base Layout.  The addition of an Aiming Ball and Track Line indicate the speed/spin of the stroke, and the desired path of the cue ball to successfully execute the shot.  Users can also create solutions which can be filtered. Solutions can additionally be filtered on Follow/Draw, English, # of Rails, Speed, Difficulty, and Stop/Stun.  Over 130 Solutions are included with your purchase of "Target Practice - Base"!

Pool Table Shot Layout

The true power of TP comes from the ability to filter Base and Solution Layouts.  Filter paramenters can be combined in many different ways to provide fine-grain shot selection.  Some examples are:

Thin Cut Shots

Filter Menu Selections

Long Straight Shots 

Filter Menu Selections

Med/Long Stop/Stun Shots​

Filter Menu Selections

Difficult, 3-Rail, Inside English​ Shots

Filter Menu Selections
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