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Installation and Setup Intro

Installation and setup of the ICA Training System (ICATS) is relatively simple.  This page provides guidance for those considering a purchase, as well as detailed instructions for installation and setup.  Browse this page from top-to-bottom, or click on a topic below to go directly to an item of interest.

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Projector Selection

Projectors are not "all created equal" for this application.  Projector specifications (throw ratio, resolution, aspect ratio, luminosity) are important.  Table size (7'/8'/9'), room dimensions (ceiling height and rail clearance) and location of projector (end-mounted or side-mounted) are also major considerations. 

Numerous projectors were evaluated and ICA is recommending these projectors for use with ICATS.  These projectors have demonstrated good performance for typical table and room situations.  If you desire to use a different projector, or have unusual room conditions, please contact to confirm projector specifications are sufficient for use with ICATS.

The projectors are:

End-Mount - 7' or 8' tables. Viewsonic PA503W, Infocus IN116xv. For 9' tables the Optoma HD39HDR or Optoma EH412 work great.

  • With 3600, 3800, 4000 and 4500 lumens respectively. The first two have a 1.55-1.7 throw ratio. The Optoma HD39HDR (4000 Lumens) and the Optoma EH412 (4500 Lumens) both have a 1.12 throw ratio which works well for the larger 9' tables. These projectors are mounted at the end of the table. Mounting distances vary based on table size.


Side-Mount - Viewsonic PS600W or Optoma GT1080HDR

  • With 3700 and 3800 lumens respectively. Both have a .49 throw ratio, the Viewsonic projectors work well for 7' and 8' tables. The Optoma GT1080HDR projector works great for 9' and 10' tables. These projectors are mounted at the side of the table. Mounting distances vary based on table size.

While ICA recommends the projectors above, other projectors can also work so long as they meet the following specifications:

  • Resolution: 1280x800 minimum (higher resolution is better)

  • Brightness:

    • 7-8 foot table - 3500 lumens minimum (brighter is better)

    • 9-10 foot table - 4000 lumens minimum

  • Throw Ratio: 

    • End-Mount - 1.2-1.5 is ideal, 1.5-2 is OK but the projector has to be mounted further away from the table than some rooms can accommodate.

    • Side-Mount - ~.5

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Setting up the Projector

Plug in the projector and put batteries in the remote. Turn on the projector and point it at a blank wall. Press the menu button on the remote. This will bring up a menu. Use the arrow buttons on the remote to scroll over to the first icon that looks like a gear and wrench. Scroll down to the projector position setting and change it to "Front Ceiling". This will make the screen turn upside down which is correct for a ceiling mount setup.


Take the projector to the end of the table you are going to using it at and hold the it over your head so that the screen’s light covers the complete bed of the table. The light can have over-coverage at the far end of the table. Mount the projector to the ceiling or place it on a high shelf at the same location it was in when you had it over your head. The diagrams below will help you visualize correct placement.


Plug in the HDMI cable to the micro-computer and the projector. Plug in the power supply to the wall and then to the micro-computer.  Further instructions on initial calibration and setup are at Operating Instructions.

Optimal Illumination Diagrams

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Side-Mount Projector Location

Side-mount installations will typically be 2'-3.5' distance (D) and 7'-8' height (H).

End-Mount Projector Location

For projectors with 1.2-1.5 throw ratio, end-mount installations will typically be 4'-6' distance (D) and 6.5'-7' height (H).  Larger throw ratios will require greater distance and height.


Optimal projector location depends on the projector and the table size.  Carefully follow the instructions in the Setup Guide (below) to determine optimal mounting location. 

Proper Projector Mounting Height and Dis
Ideal Table Illumination of End Mounted Projector
Ideal Table Illumination of Side Mounted Projector

Detailed Installation and Setup Instructions

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