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Projector Mounting Photos

This page contains examples of mounting the ICA Training System and projector.  Several different mounting approaches are covered and address various room conditions such as tight spaces, ceiling or wall mounted, low or high ceilings, and Side-mount or End-mount.  Take a look at these approaches and see what might work best for your ICATS installation!

Universal Mount
ceiling or wall installation, End-mount or Side-mount
Photo of Ceiling Mounted Projector
Photo of Ceiling Mounted Projector

The Universal Mount uses commercially available mounting hardware to mount to "solid" ceilings or walls (drywall, wood, etc.) and can work in almost any room situation.  The two mounts highlighted at the bottom of the Shop page are geared for ceiling, but wall mounts are also available.  These mounts come with the necessary hardware and the mechanical flexibility to mount to your projector, to the wall or ceiling, and to allow tilt adjustment.  For ceiling mount, different "drop lengths" are available and provide flexible distance from the ceiling to get best illumination.  Two situations where Universal mount may not be suitable are: 1) "drop ceilings"; and 2) Side-mount with lower ceilings where the projector may need an extra few inches of height.  In these two cases Chain Mount (below) will be better.


The photos above show a challenging mount with lower ceilings and a beam at the desired location for the projector.  The Universal Mount is mounted to the back-side of the beam and is in the perfect spot to illuminate the table.

Chain Mount
ceiling installation, great for "drop ceilings"
Photo of Chain Mounted projector in drop ceiling

This mount works great for "drop ceilings", as you might find in a pool hall or bar, and can be adapted to other situations as well. The projector is initially mounted to a board.  The board has 4 small eye bolts in each corner, with a short chain strung across the front two eye bolts. The "3-point connection" to the ceiling is stable.  An "S hook" at the end of the front ceiling chain can be used to lengthen/shorten the front ceiling chain for tilt, or moved along the short chain at the front of edge of the board to allow left/right adjustment.  The length of the 3 ceiling chains can be adjusted for low or high ceilings and cables can be run through the ceiling for a nice, clean look.   

Chain Mount (revisited)
ceiling installation, great for Side-mount, or End-mount with distant walls
Photo of Chain mounted projector, close to ceiling.
distant view of close-to-ceiling chain mount

This is another example of the Chain Mount, used in a home Side-mount installation.  Side-mount generally must be mounted higher (compared to end-mount) and closer than the nearest wall, making a ceiling mount desirable.  Like the example above, the projector is initially mounted to a board providing a stable "3-point connection" to the ceiling.  The back edge of the board is mounted as close as possible to the ceiling for maximum height that works best for Side-mount. An "S hook" at the end of the front ceiling chain can be used to lengthen/shorten the front ceiling chain for tilt.  For higher ceilings, the three chains can be lengthened to lower the projector to a desired height. This mount can also work well for End-Mount in larger rooms where the end walls are too far away to mount to a wall.  This specific installation is for an 8' table with the projector at D: 22", H: 8' (8'8" ceiling).

Shelf Mount
wall installation, great for End-mount
Shelf mount for end mounted projector

This "Shelf Mount" works best as an End-Mount (not viable for Side-mount), with your wall at the desired ~5'6" - 7' distance.  This particular room has a vaulted ceiling which would have made a ceiling installation challenging.  A 12"x24" shelf, two brackets, a projector mount (like on the Shop page) and some screws & drywall anchors are all that is needed. The projector mount is attached close to the front edge of the board to allow for projector tilt and rear clearance for the power and HDMI cords.  The projector mount provides simple vertical and horizontal tilt adjustment to achieve correct table illumination.  A 3 outlet extension cord provides power for the ICATS and projector, with the ICATS and extra cords tucked on top of the shelf (hidden) for a nice, clean look.

ICA Portable Stand

This portable ICATS stand (click HERE to purchase) comes with a metal tripod, and a custom mounting system that is quickly assembled and attached to the tripod.  Also provided is a tiltable projector mounting bracket.  Between the tripod height adjustment and tiltable mounting adjustment, you'll be able to position your ICATS for optimum operation in almost any room and table situation.  The stand is best used for an end-mount configuration though Side-mount can also work.  In Side-mount, the stand may be somewhat close to the table and may require a "vertical flip" (shortcut key "v") to reposition the layout for an unobstructed shot.  When not in use, the stand can easily be moved out of the way or packed up in the included tote bag.  This projector stand is ideal for portable use of the ICA Training System and for Instructors who teach at multiple locations!

ICATS Stand (lighter)
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