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Downloading and Installing
ICATS SW Only Product
Thanks for your purchase of the ICATS SW Only product!  The instructions and links below will provide you the information needed to install the SW into your self-provided Raspberry Pi 3B+ or Pi 4 (4GB memory minimum), and to complete the setup for a fully functional ICATS!
If you are downloading the image and programming the SD Card:
  1. Download the image

    • After purchase, a link to Dropbox file image and the size of the download file will be provided to you. 

    • Use a Browser to download the file, ensuring the final file size is as expected.  Browser download has proven somewhat unreliable, so you may need multiple attempts to ensure a full download. 

    • You'll need a computer with at least 16GB of free space for the download.

  2. Program your SD Card

    • A 16GB minimum SD Card is needed, which provides plenty of free space for adding content.  A "class 10" card is recommended, for best performance, and cards larger than 16GB are also fine.

    • The "Balena Etcher" program (free download) works very well to program the card.

Once your SD Card is ready:

  1. Plug the card into your RPi 3B+ or RPi 4, connect it to a computer monitor, start the system and the ICATS Pool program will start. 

  2. Using the ICATS Setup Guide (HERE), refer to the section "Connecting ICATS to the Projector and to WiFi" (Step 2 "Setup WiFi") to connect ICATS to WiFi. 

  3. ICA must perform an "authorization" to allow full operation of your ICATS.  Contact to inform us that your ICATS has started.  The ICATS will be authorized and you will be notified by email/text when complete.

  4. After you are notified of authorization completion, type a "Shift-U" (Capital U) on the keyboard, which will force an update of the system and complete the authorization.  When offered to update, press "Y".

Your ICATS is now fully functional!

Finally, a few "paper" items that you'll want to be aware of:

  • Installation and Setup Guide  is HERE.  This provides instructions for projector installation and some other good information.

  • Pool Program User's Guide is HERE.  Contains operating instructions for the ICATS Pool program

  • ICATS End-User License Agreement, which applies to the ICATS SW Only product, is HERE.


Thanks for your purchase of ICATS SW Only!

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