ICA Statistics ("Stats")
an Add-On for ICATS

2)Run and Score Your Workout

With the Scoring Menu now visible, your practice session begins!  First, some terminology:

  • Drill (or Layout) – This is the overall layout of all the information on the table, and describes one or more Shots.  A Drill is potentially made up of multiple CBalls, OBalls, and Targets, though some Drills may not have each of these elements. 

  • Shot – A “Shot” identifies a specific CBall, OBall and Target that the shooter must use (not all of these elements are present for each Drill Category).  For example, a drill with 2 CBall positions, intending to make 3 different OBalls, and with the CBall intended to reach 2 Targets, would have 12 Shots (2 x 3 x 2).

  • Attempt – An “Attempt” represents the user actually striking the CBall and trying to successfully make the Shot.  Having made the Attempt, the user will record the results of the Attempt using the Scoring menu.  Usually, multiple Attempts will be made for each Shot.  The number of Attempts for each shot is controlled in the Setup menu and can range from 1 to 10.


ICA’s Statistics (“Stats”) Add-On is an amazing addition to the ICA Training System (ICATS), which allows the end-user to quickly and easily capture statistics from practice sessions using virtually any ICA drill!  Stats will analyze the displayed drill, assign it to one of several drill “categories”, and allow the user to capture and highlight specific data for that drill.  Having captured the data, statistics for every shot in that drill can be displayed, allowing the user to identify areas of play to work on, and to chart improvement over time.  This enhancement to ICATS leverages your ICA drill investment into a new dimension of billiards capability!

How does Stats work?

Stats operation proceeds with the following steps:

  1. Start Stats and navigate to your1st workout drill

  2. Run your workout, use Scoring Menu to capture data

  3. Review results with the Results Menu

1)Start Stats and Navigate to 1st Drill

Stats is started by pressing F1.  Upon starting, Stats analyzes the current drill, creates a "Session" under which all data will be recorded.  Navigate to the1st workout drill using standard ICA drill loading (Ctrl-l hotkey, or up/down arrow).  The current drill is analyzed, categorized, and operation proceeds based on the drill category.  For more information about what drill categories are supported, click HERE.

The Scoring menu will identify the Shot being taken, as indicated in the diagram.  Place the balls as indicated and attempt the Shot.  In the example, a Transition drill with one Shot (one CBall, one Oball and one Target) is attempted.  Scoring menus for other categories are similar in structure and function.

As you score each attempt, the Attempt number and Shot number in the Shot Description will increment, guiding your workout as Stats cycles through the combination of CBalls, OBalls, and Targets.

Scoring is quick and intuitive.  Either the trackpad, or keyboard keystrokes can be used to traverse the menu, select result cells (indicated by a “yellow” highlight around the cell) and record results.  The “Targ Dist” widget easily calculates the distance from cue ball to desired target...just "Click" on the resulting cue ball position and ICATS automatically calculates distance.  It couldn't be easier!

3) Review Results

Having completed your workout (or at any time during your Session) you can bring up the Results Menu and review your lifetime statistics for the currently displayed drill.  The diagram below is an example for a Transition, and is representative of results for other drill categories.  The diagram below illustrates the various parts of the Results menu.


If a drill has many shots, the results table can be scrolled by selecting it (clicking, or pressing “Tab”), then using Up/Down Arrow keys to scroll.  Each statistic for this drills’ category can be accessed by clicking on the next/previous Stat buttons as indicated in the diagram.


Setup Menu

The Setup Menu has several functions.  First, it allows setting the number of ​Attempts at each Shot.  Second, for those that want to "crunch" their own numbers, Stats provides "data export" for use with external spreadsheets or SQL databases.  Finally, the user can erase data for a drill, or the entire database, if starting over is desired.

What Categories are Supported?

ICA provides an extensive set of drills (see Shop page HERE) that cover a wide spectrum of pool skills.  Stats categorizes these drills into a number of Categories, each of which focus on specific pool skills.  The supported Categories, including description and purpose, are below. 

Is there more?

Yes!  This description is a short summary of what Stats has to offer.  For more information on Drill Categories (description, workout suggestions, statistics captured) and additional Stats features, see the Stats User's Guide HERE.

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