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Dave Anderson
Being a teacher for 40 years, Kindergarten through College, I can recognize good curriculum.  The ICA Training System has it all: sequential learning with easy progression of skills from beginner to pro. The balls, the speed, where to strike the cue ball, all are projected on the table. The paths shown to hit the object ball and the direction the cue ball will take after hitting the object ball are extremely valuable. My suggestion for every player or their instructor is to get access to this system and see how well it is designed. This will not in most cases take the place of your pro but will enhance his/her instruction immeasurably.  (welcome to the 21st century!) 

Alex Dowd
When I purchased the Illuminated Cueing Arts System, my goal was to improve my shot consistency and it has. I appreciate the systematic approach, as it allows me to set up my shots precisely in the same way and I’m able to obtain, document, and analyze where I am off and adjust accordingly.  For instance, I was able to identify my tendency to hit the shot too thin and practice specific drills to help correct this problem. Being able to set up the drills quickly and accurately has improved my accuracy. My wife is a beginner, and the system is simple for her to use as well. Set up was straightforward, even in our limited space. Using modern day technology to improve a game that has been around for centuries is brilliant. It creates new opportunities to see the game in a new light and make personal improvements. I recommend this product to players of all skill levels who wish to understand and improve their own shot percentages and skills.

Ben Jones

I just wanted to share with you how absolutely fantastic the system is. I finalized a perfect ceiling side mount. I've used the system for 1-2 hours a day nearly since the moment it arrived. I've found many different ways to use the system to help me improve my game. I'm amazed at how simply and quickly I can load or save situations for additional practice. You really did think of just about everything a pool player could need when trying to improve their game. Thank you for a really great product! The add on content I have purchased has worked flawlessly and is a great value. I'm really excited to see all the additional content you are now adding.  Thank you very much for your support and answering my questions as I was considering the product. I couldn't be more happy with the purchase.

Tim Taylor
I have had my system for over a year and use it now more than when I bought it.  I’d never imagined how fun and even addictive drills could be. It’s surprising how easy it is to address weaknesses in my game. Instead of beating myself up over a
match-losing shot, I now create a drill and then get that shot down pat. More fun practicing, more wins and more players complimenting my game— love it.

Brad Tedeschi
It’s difficult to do a review about Illuminating Cuing Arts (ICA). The problem is knowing where to start. I first saw somebody using their program on YouTube and was immediately fascinated. Learning pool is a passion of mine. And since I believe knowledge is power, I realized immediately that their system was the best way to communicate the most knowledge so that I could learn to be the best player possible in the shortest amount of time. The ICA Training system has exceeded my expectations at least 1000 times over. Tired of putting little stickies all over your table and spending hours a week setting up drills? How about hitting one button to put your saved drills on the table for you to work on? It takes me less than one minute to create a drill and save it. Then when I want to work on that drill, it takes me seconds to bring it onto the table. Once displayed, I see where the balls are positioned, I see the lines of travel, the tangent lines, the position to hit the cue ball, how hard to hit the shot, and how much English to use. And the list goes on.  That being said, we are just getting started. The ICAT system and training drills, are created from 50 years of experience playing pool, and 30 years of experience teaching are all at my fingertips. It’s like being coached through the drills that are displayed on the table. Position drills, kicking and banking drills, shot making drills, target drills, defensive position play drills, follow and draw shot drills are some examples, and the list goes on and on.  I watch a lot of professional pool on YouTube, and when I see a shot I want to learn by the top players in the world, I can set it up on my table in less than a minute, save it, and practice it until it’s now one of my shots. All of this in a visual format that makes learning fun and exciting, allowing me to stay interested enough to practice 4 to 6 hours a day.
Have a favorite YouTube instructor like Tor, or Sharivari? Their drills are now available through the ICA Training system. My belief is that in several years every top professional pool player will be teaching and displaying drills on the ICA Training system. Yesterday I saw Jason Shaw doing a 14-ball drill that requires incredible ball position. Saved it as a drill in about two minutes and now with one button I can bring it up to practice. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t even attempt it at my current level, but when I achieve the skills to even attempt this drill, it’s waiting for me.

I can’t say enough about the folks at Illuminated Cueing Arts. There is no doubt in my mind, based on the drills that Robin has made available, that they are a masterpiece of a life’s work. Robin reminds me of Leonardo da Vinci of the pool world. I feel privileged to not only be able to be taught through these remarkable lessons and systems, but also to have gotten to know Robin personally. I have taken more than 40 hours of personal lessons with him, and my game has grown so quickly that teammates that I have played with in the APA say they have never seen anybody’s game improve so quickly. Only playing pool as a kid, I took up the game at age 66 having not played for 45 years. I try to practice 20 to 30 hours per week, and have only been playing about 1.5 years, but I am beating people that have played their whole life. Went from a level three player to a level seven player in just over one year. (The top level in APA is level nine.) I won Top Shooter for 9-Ball Level Five, and 8-Ball Level Six in the same season. That was the first time in our league history than anyone, out of our roughly 500 players, has ever won both in the same season. I am now transitioning to tournaments on Diamond tables, one of which I have purchased and is in my home. All of this success is directly related to having had the best teaching through the ICA system that Robin and Bob put together using a lifetime of expert teaching and engineering design.

You have to ask yourself, what are your goals for your pool game? Do you just want to hit balls and have fun? Then you probably don’t need the ICA system. But, if you want to improve your game, and do so efficiently, there is no instructor or pool system anywhere in the world that will improve your game faster than the ICA Training system. While other people spend their pool money on a fancier cue, I would suggest that spending it on the best training will help you win enough to buy whatever cue you want.

Paul Schubert

I can't tell you how amazing I think your system is!!  Before I was working with just what came with the base package and it was really helpful and I could see my game and skills improving BUT since I got the transitions module WOW!  I am learning something every day now.  Robin must be a fantastic teacher because I feel like you have purposefully designed each of these transitions to teach at least one specific skill and often more than one skill.  What I mean (at least for me) is that I am now, for really the first time in my pool career, learning to understand how critical tip placement is, how important different strokes are for different intended outcomes, how subtle power can be to create the right outcome.  Yesterday I learned how I need to stroke "through" the cue ball really purposefully in order to make the shot work.  

Somehow I feel like you knew that these things could or would be learned while working these transition drills.  

I just wanted to say thank you.

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