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ICATS Remote Access
Some users have asked whether they can access their ICATS from a remote computer, and the answer is yes!  The procedure below will enable remote access to your ICATS with a personal password for security.
While this procedure can be performed on your pool table, it is more easily done by temporarily connecting your ICATS to a computer monitor.
Here are the needed steps:
  1. Exit the pool program (shift-Q)

  2. Start the Linux terminal (double-click on the rectangular black/blue icon at the bottom left of the screen)

  3. Type in the following four commands, pressing the Enter key after each command.  Pay careful attention to capitalization, punctuation and entering the exact command including spaces.

    1. find ../Pool -type d -exec chmod 777 {} \;

    2. sudo useradd userid -d /home/pi/Pool -s /bin/bash

      • replace "userid" with your desired name.​

    3. sudo passwd userid

      • Again, replace "userid" with your desired name.  You'll be prompted twice for a password, enter the password of your choice.

    4. exit                                                         

      • this closes the terminal window

  4. Go to your File Explorer on Windows.  In the address bar enter "\\ica" and press the Enter key.

  5. You'll be prompted for a userid and password.  Enter your selected userid and your selected password.


The Windows File Explorer will now be able to copy/paste/delete files on your ICATS.

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