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"Target Practice" provides the ultimate training tool for shot making and transition play!  Driven by a database of Cue Ball, Object Ball, Pocket and Target positions, virtually every shot on the table is comprehended and can be selected through filtering, giving you the amazing ability to dial-in the exact type of shots you need!  See HERE for full details.


Over 1800 Base Layouts are the foundation of Target Practice. A "Base Layout" consists of a Cue ball / Object ball / Pocket position, describing the ball you have to pocket, and a Target Position, identifying where the Cue Ball must land.  There are also over 130 Solution layouts included which show the proper cueing, speed and track line to get to the target . Using database functions, shots can be filtered on CB to OB distance, OB to pocket distance, Cut Angle and Pocket, thus allowing you to select specific types of shots you want to work on!  


Also included with your purchase of "Target Practice - Base" are over 130 ICA provided "Solutions"!  These Solutions provide cueing (speed/tip position) and show the resulting trackline to demonstrate one approach to execute the shot and get the leave.  With Solutions, additional filtering capabilities are available that allow shot selection based on Speed, Tip Position, Level (difficulty) and more!


The ~130 Base Solutions only scratch the surface.  Available separately from "Target Practice - Base" are over 780 additional Solutions in 3 modules (about 260 Solutions per module).  These separately available Solutions are grouped into easier (Level1), challenging (Level2) and difficult (Level3) Modules.  Click on the following links to review and purchase additional Solutions (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3). 


"Target Practice - Base" provides incredible shot selection capability.  If you want to methodically select shots (and Solutions) to focus on specific aspects of your game, there is no better tool available!

Target Practice -System Add-On

  • This Module is downloaded automatically to your ICA Training System.   You'll be informed of "update available" upon system power-up.

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