Have you ever had your target ball on one end of the table, and had to get the cue ball to the other end of the table for the next shot ... through traffic?!  "Transitions", sinking the target ball and transitioning the cue ball to another part of the table for perfect position, is a critical pool skill.  Master instructor Robin Dreyer has created an introductory training module to work on "Level 1" (simpler) transition shots, generally consisting of single and double rail transitions.  Transitions Level 2 (more challenging) will be available soon.  The 82 layouts in Transitions L1 will hone your basic skills to move the cue ball around the table for perfect position!

Transitions 1

  • This Module is downloaded automatically to your ICA Training System.  Please allow up to 3 days after purchase before the download becomes available.  You'll be informed of "update available" upon system power-up.


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