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Aim With Speed is a comprehensive bank shot module that teaches how various factors influence the rebound of a bank shot. Learn how prioritizing a full ball hit with calculated adjustments to speed and spin can predictably control the trajectory of a banked object ball.  Combine this knowledge with the extensive library of track lines for 28 different bank shot patterns, and you have arguably one of the most complete primers on bank shots ever produced.  

The nearly 500 slides are loaded with the following content:

-          Bank Shot Basics

-          How to Name a Bank Shot

-          Vanishing Point Theory

-          Dead Bank Shots 

-          Diagnosing Your Table

-          Tips for Success

-          Speed Windows

-          Calibrating Your Speed

-          Scenarios & Quizzes 

-          Adjusting for Rail Distance

-          Estimating English

-          Cut Bank Shots

-          Avoiding Double Kisses

-          1 Rail Bank Shot Maps

-          2 Rail Bank Shot Maps

-          3 Rail Bank Shot Maps

-          4+ Rail Bank Shot Maps

Aim With Speed

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