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Play Your Best 9-10 Ball Pro Pattern Runouts

Pool's best-selling author Phil Capelle brings you a module that contains over 70 runout patterns of many of the top pro players. Every serious pool player should first study then challenge themselves to try and reproduce these runouts. This module contains the companion layouts to the Pattern Play section in his best-selling book Play Your Best 9 & 10 Ball. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the book which can be ordered from his WEBSITE. As a special bonus Phil has added to all the layouts what he calls the Black Cue  Ball(BCB) starting position. This is where he recommends starting the run for most players. He also has 42 of the 70 pattern file names labeled as Big First Shot(BFS). This is to let you know that the player executed an especially difficult shot at a specific point in the run. These can be fun for more advanced players to try and replicate.

Pattern Play by Phil Capelle

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